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4 Rolls Colourful Gift Wrap

Product code: J4-003-4PK

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Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper 4 Rolls 3Mx70cm Colourful Dots Stars Rainbow Stripe

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4 rolls of assorted colourful gift wrapping paper.

This modern gift wrapping paper comes in four assorted designs which is suitable for all your family and friends. These rolls are versatile and suitable for wrapping gifts for a wide range of occasions, including birthdays, holidays, or special events. The diverse designs cater to different tastes and preferences.

One of the rolls features a Colourful Dots design, with a playful arrangement of dots in various colours. This design adds a cheerful and whimsical touch to the wrapped gifts. Another roll is dedicated to a Stars design, showcasing illustrations of stars in different sizes and possibly varying colours. The starry theme adds a touch of magic and celebration.

The Stripes design roll includes colourful stripes arranged in a pattern. Stripes are a classic and versatile design element that can suit a variety of occasions. Finally, the Rainbow design roll is adorned with a vibrant and colourful rainbow pattern. Rainbows symbolize positivity and joy, making it a cheerful choice for gift wrapping.

Suitable for all ages, each roll provides 3 meters of wrapping paper, offering ample coverage for multiple gifts. The 70cm width accommodates various gift sizes. The designs are chosen for their cheerful and vibrant nature, enhancing the overall presentation of the wrapped gifts.

Our paper is also fully recyclable too! Helping you to do your part in being eco friendly all year round. The paper is wrapped in a custom made double walled sturdy postal box which adds extra protection to prevent damaged rolls during transit. Ensuring safe arrival of your paper.

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