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Spider Catcher

Product code: J1-029

  • £4.99

Spider Catcher Humane Long Handled Reach Crawling Insect Trap Pick Up Hand Tool

Deluxe spider catcher.

This handy spider catcher easily removes spiders and other crawling insects from your home without having to touch them or arm them.

The soft bristles located at the base of the hand tool gently scoops up the insect and traps it securely until you are able to release outside without any harm.

Featuring a long reach handle 65cm approx, the hand tool enables you to reach up to higher levels such as ceiling or walls, or down into cracks and crevices. The easy push button operation keeps creepy crawlies at arm#s length.

For those who don't like the thought of having to pick up or catch those pesky bugs, this hand tool is perfect for you. Ideal for the removal of spiders, wasps, flies, woodlice, beetles, and many other home invaders.

Colour may vary from image shown.

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